Six clinicians from the St John Emergency Ambulance service will be undergoing training in Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) this week (11 and 12 January).

The course is the first of its kind to be taught in Guernsey and will be provided by instructors from Mountain Trauma Rescue Services.

This intensive two day course will give staff the knowledge and advanced skill sets to effectively treat patients suffering from multi-system trauma and help to reduce the risk of fatalities in such circumstances.

This education programme for PHTLS has been internationally recognised as the leading course for pre-hospital emergency trauma care and St John is delighted to be able to offer this specialised training to its staff.

The six clinicians that have been selected for this course are members of the newly formed St John Special Operations Response Team.  Their primary role will be to support the St John Rescue Services by providing specialist medical care to patients in special and often precarious circumstances, such as patients who have been injured on the island’s cliffs who not only require rescuing but immediate specialist medical treatment on site.

The training will be take place at various locations around the island as well as in the St John training rooms at the Rohais.

Carrie Goodall, senior officer for St John Ambulance and Rescue Service said: “It is a privilege to welcome Mountain Trauma Rescue Services to the island to deliver this training. This is their first visit to Guernsey and it is a hugely sought after course.  Following the training our clinicians will have advanced capability to provide medical treatment to patients who find themselves in very inaccessible places on our island which could be the difference between and life saved or a life lost. ”

Posted: January 11, 2016