The Guernsey Wooden Spoon charity has announced it is working with St John Ambulance Guernsey to develop a Beach Wheelchair scheme for the island.

Guernsey Wooden Spoon has just announced a fundraising campaign to raise £16,000 to cover the set-up costs, which it says include two beach wheelchairs, a shed, booking website and planning permissions fees. Ongoing fundraising will cover servicing of the chairs and replacement as and when needed.

Donations can be made here:


The collaborative charity project will provide specially designed manual, ballooned wheelchairs for use on the beach and other rough terrain, to help locals and visitors access the beach at Pembroke.

Pembroke beach is the preferred location as the first beach because the length and incline of the slipway and the conditions on the sand make it an ideal location (although due the current state of the slipway some work needs to be completed, which is hoped will make the beach accessible by summer of 2020).

Beach Wheelchair scheme is for any person who has difficulty walking on the beach due to ongoing or temporary mobility issues. It is hoped that once funding is in place there will be one adult and once child chair available. Once the projects is up and running wheelchairs will be stored in a locked shed and available for booking free of charge, but donations are always welcomed.

First time users will be met by a volunteer or St John Ambulance member who will demonstrate how to use the chairs and ask users to sign a disclaimer form. However volunteers will not be able to help transfer the user into the beach wheelchairs or push them on the beach, so the user will need to be accompanied by an adult helper to assist with transfers and to push the wheelchair.

(Source: Guernsey Wooden Spoon media release February 2020)

Posted: February 27, 2020