Guernsey’s Ambulance and Rescue Service has been gifted a dedicated Preventative Care vehicle, donated in memory of a patient who was cared for by the service.

The car will be used by Specialist Paramedic Kelly Marquis in her role proactively supporting independence and safety in the home environment and promoting physical health and well-being in the over-80s.  The preventative care service is operated as a partnership between the Ambulance and Rescue Service and States of Guernsey Health and Social Care (HSC).

The Peugeot E-Rifter electric car was presented to the ambulance service in memory of Mavis Lesbirel, by her cousin Marion Gallienne, and brother Mike Le Lacheur. It is the first electric car in the ambulance fleet and is stocked with a Zoll defibrillator and monitoring machine, emergency response bag, emergency lifting chair and various pieces of equipment and diagnostic tools that may be of benefit to patients undergoing assessments. Although the primary role is to facilitate the preventative care service, the vehicle also carries a defibrillator and emergency response bag, so can be deployed to life-saving medical emergencies in the immediate vicinity, if it is not committed elsewhere.

Ambulance service Chief Executive Officer, Mark Mapp said: “We are extremely grateful to the family of Mavis Lesbirel for the generous donation of this electric car for the preventative care service. It is a good example of how the ambulance service is working together in partnership with Health and Social Care to support the changing needs of our community. Identifying potential problems in their infancy and implementing preventative care measures can help reduce the demand for acute ambulance calls and avoidable hospital admissions. The work of the ambulance service is supported by charitable donations, which allows us to develop additional community services, not covered under our contract with the States of Guernsey.”

During the first two years of the Preventative Care project a vehicle was loaned to the ambulance service by the St John Guernsey charity.

Mr Mapp added: “In our journey toward sustainability and reduced operational costs, investing in electric vehicles for our fleet was a pivotal decision. As we progress, each vehicle replacement will prioritise minimising our environmental footprint through greener alternatives. Importantly, this shift also aligns with our commitment to enhancing air quality on our island, underscoring our dedication to both environmental stewardship and the well-being of our community.”

Kelly Marquis said: “I would also like to thank the Lesbirel and Gallienne families for their support for this project. Having a dedicated vehicle will allow the continued development of the preventative care project, which has already helped more than 300 people since the pilot scheme launched. The project provides a comprehensive assessment and support service in the pre-hospital setting, allowing early preventative measures to be put in place, which not only helps keep people safely in their own home, but can also address issues of social isolation.”

The new vehicle was supplied by Motor Mall Guernsey and sign written by Smith Signs.


Posted: March 15, 2024