Two members of the Services’ Schools Liaison Group, Acting Station Officers Paul Phillips and Stuart Malley, recently visited the Reception year pupils who are aged 4 to 5 years old, at Guernsey’s Vale Primary School.  The aim of the visit was to promote the Ambulance Service in a positive manner, and in doing so, hopefully overcome any fears of travelling in an ambulance or being treated by ambulance staff.

The children had the opportunity to look inside an ambulance with a brief explanation of the
equipment carried and what it is used for, and to touch and hold the equipment as appropriate, they then went on to participate in some role play, enabling some of the children to act as paramedics whilst others were casualties.


A specially adapted go-kart which is fitted with working blue lights and sirens was also available for the children to play on, and some of the children had the opportunity to participate in making a ‘999’ call on a specially adapted phone, to experience the type of questions they may be asked in an emergency situation, by an Ambulance Control Assistant at Ambulance Headquarters.

The aim of the visit was not to teach first aid to primary aged children, as this is carried out by St John Training Services Guernsey, when the children are a little older, but to help them become more familiar with the Service and its role within the community.

Juliet Bell, Foundation Stage Leader at Vale Primary School made the following comments about the visit: “We had pupils before the visit who said they would be scared to go in an ambulance, but after the visit the children all said that ambulances are not scary.  All of the children know that they would call 999 in an emergency if someone was badly hurt or not well.  It was a great visit, very interactive and memorable, it has had a very positive effect”.

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Posted: June 24, 2014