Whether you want to regain your independence or simply feel confident again when using your stairs, a Stannah stairlift could be the perfect choice.

If you find that your stairs are affecting your everyday life it might be time to think about a simple and effortless solution: a Stannah stairlift from St John Healthcare.

As we get a little older and little less mobile some of the things we once took granted can become a bit of challenge. Taking a bath, going upstairs, getting out of the armchair or stepping out of the front door can take a lot of effort, but with the right advice and some simple changes St John Healthcare believes you don’t have to give up the home you love.

The St John Guernsey charity cares for our community in many different ways and the team at St John Healthcare is dedicated to making life a little easier by helping islanders stay in the home they love for longer.

As the Channel Island distributor for Stannah stairlifts St John can help stop the stairs becoming a problem by providing a safe solution to getting from one part of the home to another.

One Guernsey customer said “I never thought the day would come when I needed a stairlift, but I was in so much pain and getting breathless walking up the stairs, so I knew I couldn’t have coped for much longer. The thought of moving house was too much and the stairlifts are a much easier and cheaper option.”

The team from St John can provide a free home visit and assessment before helping people find the most suitable solution. Stannah stairlifts come in a variety of designs which will fit in with existing furnishings and can be fitted to both straight and curved stairs. Once ordered a stairlift can be fitted in a day, which minimizes any disruption. Stannah products are not only stylish, but also reliable, easy and safe, with built-in safety features. St John’s Stannah trained engineers will demonstrate how to use the stairlift safely and make any adjustments needed, so users can glide upstairs at the touch of a button, saving energy for the more pleasurable things in life. There is also an after sales maintenance and service programme to provide an added element of reassurance.

Feedback from customers is very good with one saying: “I’ve lived in my home for 50 years and we brought up all our family here. I love my kitchen, my conservatory, my lounge and my garden It’s just a shame they are on different levels! I had a choice of colours and design, so we were able to choose one that looked good and was practical in a tight space.”

St John Commercial Manager Gina Gooding said “With the right advice, equipment and support we believe you can still have the freedom to continue enjoy the things you once took for granted. In some cases this can be as simple as installing a grab rail in the bathroom, fitting a ramp by the door or adapting banisters on the stairs. Sometimes a Stannah stairlift will provide the solution.”

Given a choice many people want to stay at home in familiar surroundings and avoid the need to go into residential care and with an aging population and increasing pressure on health and social care services, the ethos of St John Healthcare fits in with the States of Guernsey’s Partnership of Purpose and the Supported Living and Aging Well Strategy (SLAWS).

St John Healthcare is also the premier partner for Stiltz Homelifts. These through the ceiling lifts, capable to carrying a wheelchair, can offer an alternative to the traditional stair lift. Local surveyor Nigel Chescoe is working with St John to provide a one stop shop. The St John shop at the Rohais also stocks armchairs with rise and recline options which can also support active and independent living. Other practical solutions include mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walking frames which can help people stay mobile and get around with more confidence.Gina Gooding added: “Sometimes life can be made a little easier with small and simple changes like getting a helping-hand extendable arm, a tap turner or a device to help you put your socks on.”


The St John Healthcare Shop is a not for profit operation which supports the work of the St John charity improving the lives of islanders. So by buying from St John customers are also helping the charity and the wider community.

To find out more about the range of mobility, accessibility and healthcare products available contact St John Healthcare on 729268 or email shop@stjohn.gg. The shop at the Rohais is open Monday to Friday 9:30am-4:30pm and Saturday 9:30-12pm.

Posted: May 29, 2021