A young Guernsey Badger who has been learning first aid with St John was able to put his knowledge into use after his nan collapsed in the garden.

Seven year old Brandon Leech-Corbet who has only been a Badger since January last year saw his nan, Kathleen, go vacant, fall over and start fitting. Brandon immediately shouted for help and asked his mum to call an ambulance while he stayed with Kathleen, initially keeping her still and then helping put her in the recovery position. He carried on talking to his nan and reassuring her until the ambulance arrived. When the ambulance got on scene Brandon was able to explain exactly what he had seen, which helped the crew diagnose the problem and treat the patient.

Although Brandon may not have realised the seriousness of the incident he kept calm throughout. “Nan was standing on a step just staring at the grass and then she fell over, so I screamed for help. We had learnt the recovery position at Badgers and I remember what I had to do.”

“The best thing about Badgers is learning first aid. When I grow up I would like to drive an ambulance,” he added.

After a stay in hospital Kathleen is now making a good recovery. “I don’t remember much about what happened, but I am really impressed with Brandon. I’ve been told he was talking to me and tried to keep me calm. I’m so proud that he had been listening in his first aid lessons and had taken everything in. I don’t think most seven year olds would have been able to do what he did,” said Kathleen.

“I think it is so important for people of all ages to learn first aid and if you can only remember a bit at least that might help,” she added.

Brandon has been presented with a certificate by the new Chairman of St John Ambulance Guernsey Roy Tilleard. “I was delighted to meet Brandon and his family and be able to congratulate him in person. The fact he remembered what he had learnt and was able to act in such a calm and mature way underlines the importance of first aid training for all ages. It’s also a testimony to the work of our youth leaders and first aid trainers, and shows us all the value of St John Badgers and Cadets.”

Posted: May 10, 2019