Eighteen dedicated St John volunteers, with a collective service totalling more than 500 years, have been recognised for their commitment to the local charity.

The volunteers were presented with their Long Service Awards by the Bailiff of Guernsey, Richard McMahon on Saturday (23rd July) at a ceremony held at Beau Sejour.

Awards included the Ultra Long Service Medal – for 50 years service, which was presented to Judy Moore.

The seventh gilt bar for 45 years service was presented to Alan Stevens, who joined the organisation at the age of 12. During his time with St John he played in the St John band, has been a member of the Volunteer Ambulance Reserve and trained as an Advanced First Aider.

St John volunteers collectively give thousands of hours of service each year to support our community, including attending public events to provide first aid cover, supporting the St John Youth programmes, the Flying Christine III marine ambulance, the Cycle Response Unit, Community Library, Ambulance Reserve and the Community First Responder scheme.

Bailiff Richard McMahon told the recipients: “I think it is significant that in this year which has marked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we really do recognise the important of service to the community. As volunteers you choose to do it, nobody says you must and we are incredibly fortunate in Guernsey to have so many people who are prepared to volunteer. We are very grateful as a community for what you all do for us. We are grateful that so many of you serve for so long. I want to congratulate all of you for being a shining example of service which the rest of the community benefits from.”

Andrew Henton, Knight Commander of St John Guernsey added: “We are lucky to have such dedicated and caring volunteers in our community. The dedication of these volunteers to the St John charity should not be taken for granted. Each one has made a significant contribution to the island, delivering care, knowledge and health related services to help improve the lives of islanders.”

The Service Medal was instituted in 1892 and is awarded to recognise long and efficient service to the Order of St John and its Establishments. The awarding of Bars to signify additional periods of service was approved in 1911.  The awarding of the Service Medal is undertaken for 10 years of service and a bar is awarded for every subsequent 5 years of service.

The Service Medal, unique in being the only British medal still to depict an effigy of Queen Victoria, is included in the United Kingdom Order of Wear, as published by the Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood in 2003. Furthermore, the Service Medal is the only medal of its kind where service as a young person is counted towards an individual’s entitlement.

Full list of awards

Judith Moore Gold 50 years
Alan Stevens 6th/7th Bar 45 years
Jill Moriarty 5th 35 years
Josie Guille 4th 30 years
Antony Leach 3rd/4th 30 years
Philip Ozanne 4th 30 years
Joan Tostevin 4th 30 years
Vanwy Wallbridge 4th 30 years
Tanya Goubert 3rd 25 years
Jacqueline Hancock 3rd + 2nd Cert 25 years
Edward Kennedy 3rd 25 years
Michelle Bihet 2nd 20 years
Martine Blanchard 2nd 20 years
Jacqueline Pattimore 2nd 20 years
Dr Ian Gee 1st 15 years
Robin Gonard 1st 15 years
Elizabeth Johnson 1st 15 years
Darryl Bye Medal 10 years


Posted: July 24, 2022