Guernsey’s ambulance service was called to Lihou Island on Thursday for an injured patient requiring assistance.

A doubled crewed ambulance was dispatched to the Lihou headland just after one o’clock, with an incident officer deployed in the ambulance Land Rover shortly afterwards. The first crew on scene made their way on foot to the patient, who was on the causeway and was in the care of the warden of Lihou House, who is a trained first aider.

The patient was assessed and treated by paramedics and transported back to Guernsey in the Land Rover before being transferred to a waiting ambulance and conveyed to the Emergency Department at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

This was one of 25 cases for Ambulance and Rescue in a 24 hour period, with 17 of those cases occurring between midday and seven o’clock on Thursday evening.

Posted: June 7, 2024