At public, corporate and private events throughout the year, you will often see dedicated and skilled volunteers from the St John charity providing First Aid cover.  Our team of volunteers are trained to provide first aid with some members also qualified to St John Advanced First Aid standards which includes the administration of medical gasses, basic life support, immobilisation and the use of various pieces of ambulance equipment.

Many events would not be able go ahead without the provision of the First Aid cover provided by the St John charity.

We provide assistance at public events such as:

  • Liberation Day
  • West and North Shows
  • Sporting events, fun runs and challenges
  • Fetes
  • Autocross at Chouet
  • Harbour Carnival
  • Fireworks displays
  • And many more events throughout the Bailiwick

In order to provide medical cover at events, the St John charity maintains a fleet of vehicles, specialist equipment and temporary structures.  The event first aid vehicles are primarily white so they are easily identifiable from the primarily yellow vehicles used by the St John Ambulance & Rescue Service.

In addition to providing first aid cover at local events, some of our members have helped to provide first aid cover at national and international events such as the London Marathon, the Island Games in Gibralter and the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Funding of the event first aid service is through a combination of fundraising, coporate sponsorship and through making charges for the provision of First Aid cover.

Event First aid bookings

Click here to book first aid cover for your event.