Hannah Sarson has won a year’s membership to the St John Supporter Scheme following the draw of completed Patient Experience Questionnaires for September.

questionnaire-snipWe received numerous responses in September and Hannah’s prize entitles her to the following for 12 months:

  • unlimited free assessment and medical treatment by paramedics or other qualified staff
  • unlimited transfer by emergency ambulance, in the event of an injury, serious illness, or other medical condition
  • 10 transfers by ambulance under the direct instructions of a Health Care Professional where you are unfit to travel by any other means for treatment or medical appointment.

All subscriptions help us provide essential services and at the same time support St John.

If you have recently been in the care of St John and would like to complete the Questionnaire, please click https://ambulance.gg/patient-experience-survey

Picture courtesy of www.freepik.com. People photograph designed by Pressfoto.


Posted: October 5, 2016