Did you know many of our adult volunteers started out as St John Badgers or Cadets?

Josh Bonsall has been involved with St John since the age of 7 when he was a Badger. He began volunteering as soon as he turned 18 but still has fond memories of his early St John years. “I represented Guernsey at regional and national first aid competitions with Badgers and Cadets, which were a good learning opportunity as well as fun. When I finished in Cadets I was keen to continue with St John as volunteer.”


By day Josh works in finance, but he spends a lot of his spare time serving the island community as an event first aider. In the past 5 years he has been on duty at more than 100 events and has given almost 800 hours of his time.

“We see a lot of minor injuries such as bumps and grazes, equally we can be on hand very quickly for more serious injuries and illnesses, which depending on the scenario can make a real difference. The best bit about volunteering is knowing that you’re really giving back to the community, making a difference to people’s days and being there to help out in their time of need. There is a really good camaraderie between the volunteers and we all enjoy what we do.”


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Posted: February 4, 2022