Many people are unaware that the St John organisation in Guernsey is made up of two very different entities:

The St John Guernsey charity will be familiar to many by the light green uniform wearing volunteers providing first aid cover at many local events, the Community Library, First Aid in Schools programme, Badger & Cadet programmes and St John Training Services Guernsey who you may have done your workplace first aid training with.


The other entity is Ambulance & Rescue Guernsey, which provides the frontline, blue light emergency road ambulance service on behalf of the States of Guernsey, and also operate a number of other services which includes the Flying Christine marine Ambulance and volunteer Community First Responders and ambulance reserve.
Both faces of St John Guernsey are operated and funded separately and in very different ways.
Over the coming months we will be running a campaign to raise awareness and a provide a better understanding for all.
Many thanks to the Guernsey Press for their very informative article below.
Posted: April 17, 2024